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Welcome to Cousins Tackle

We want to thank you for taking the time to explore our Cousins line-up of products. At Cousins, from the beginning, we have sought only to bring the highest quality fishing equipment to the most passionate of anglers. We tell ourselves every day that we will never compromise on quality, and we will never build a piece of equipment that we wouldn’t fish ourselves. Our dedication and commitment to you, our fellow angler, is to provide you with Cousins Tackle Rods and Lures that will stand the test of time, deliver in form and function, and to be stewards of our sport, its culture and message of good clean fun that will be handed down to many generations to come.


Freshwater Rods

Cousins Tackle offers a large variety of freshwater rods that are sure to fulfill every anglers needs. From top water, to finesse and drop shot lures, we have exactly what you are looking for.



Lure Skirt Replacements

Cousins Tackle lure skirts are the highest quality replacement skirts available in the world. With Cousins' wide selection and vibrant fish-catching colors, we're sure you'll agree no other skirts fit, feel & troll quite like Cousins lure skirts.

Saltwater Rods

Cousins Tackle's selection of saltwater rods is guaranteed to give you the advantage over any game fish, in any body of water around the world. With over 40 years of rod building experience we have just the tool for anything from inshore bass, tarpon, jacks, to offshore bruiser tuna or billfish.


Cousins Gear

Cousins Tackle shirts, hats and hoodies printed in the USA. 




Salmon & Steelhead Rods

Cousins Tackle has teamed up with industry veteran Josh Cooper to bring you the most advanced set of salmon and steelhead rods in the industry. Check out why Cousins is becoming THE go-to rod manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.